Recording, overdubbing or re-amping guitar is great fun. The different options of tones are endless with our selection of dynamic and condenser microphones and guitar amps/cabs. If you have a signature sound that you want to keep, then you're more than welcome to bring your own amp and rig, or feel free to crank one of ours.


If it’s a super clean, sparkly guitar sound you’re after, our vintage Fender Twin Reverb is perfect, especially when paired with our SE Ribbon microphones and 1176 compressors for extra character and flavour.


If overdriven to super dirty is your thing then our Orange Rockerverb 50 MkII, Marshall JCM DSL 2000 or Peavey 5150 won’t disappoint when paired with our Orange PPC212 cab driving our API preamps.


Flexibility is important when recording, so if you want to track from the safe distance of the control room or achieve a more wild, feedback type sound in the live room, both are possible.


If you’ve tracked guitars somewhere else, or even with us and decide you want to use a different amp/cab combination or a blend of more than one, then re-amping using a pre-recorded DI signal is made possible with our Radial X-Amp Active Studio Re-Amp Box.



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