Mastering is a post-production process that provides extra depth, punch, clarity and volume to a mix using EQ, compression, harmonic excitement and limiting. It requires critical listening and results depend on having a good mastering engineer, accurate speaker monitors and listening environment, good software/hardware amongst other things. The aim of mastering is to make sure all the tracks sound uniform, as if they are a single piece of work that translates well on all playback systems.


Similar to our audio mixing services, mastering at A-Tonal is carried out in a hybrid form, using a mixture of both analogue and digital equipment and software, which is also available as an online service. We use a mixture of stereo and mid-side processing that allows us to zone in on different elements of a finished mix. This leads to wide, modern sounding, commercial tracks. A range of monitoring options, from Dynaudio, to Sennheiser, to KRK means it is possible to hear every bit of detail...good and bad. Where possible, we will always send back mixes not done by us if we feel there is an issue as it is always better to get things right from source.


There are two common misconceptions with mastering. One, that mastering is an alternative to mixing or vice-versa and two, mastering can make a bad mix sound good. Both are untrue! It is vital that a mix sounds as good as can be as a master will only enhance what is already there. At best, mastering will improve a mix by one letter grade.


Mastering is also not a service that is instead of mixing. Audio mastering and mixing are two completely different processes, just as important as each other and if you intend to release your music for the rest of the world to hear, we strongly advise you have both done. If you'd like to know more about our audio mastering service, please get in touch



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