Mixing is where all the recorded signals are combined together normally down to two channels, left and right. It  is a major process of creating a song that involves balancing the individual volumes of tracks, their frequency content, dynamics, stereo position and depth as well as adding various effects such as reverb, delay or chorus. This creative treatment is done in order to produce a mix that is more appealing to the human ear.


A-Tonal offers an online mixing service for artists that have recorded their music somewhere else. One of the many benefits of having your song mixed by a professional engineer in a studio is that they can provide an accurate monitoring environment, use their trained ears, their own tricks and a range of tools that may not otherwise be available to the average person at home. Why wouldn't you want to give your song the best chance possible to stand out?

We work closely with our clients from start to finish to make sure we understand and achieve the sound they are looking for. Once payment has been received for an online mix, the client will need to send over all multi-track files in a specified format and mixing will begin.


finsihed bounce down will be sent back, allowing the client to request any changes, free of charge. We allow one set of changes per track, once the second mix is sent back to you for confirmation, further changes are charged at the hourly rate.


These days, we often hear about Analogue vs. Digital, both certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. A-Tonal is considered a hybrid studio in that it combines the best of the analogue world as well as digital when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering.


Once the sounds have been recorded to an external drive, our engineers like to use a mixture of 'in-the-box' processing with outboard processing by taking outputs from Pro Tools and sending them through compressors, EQs etc. All our mixes are summed in the analogue domain using our Dangerous Music Summer.


Using a combination of both worlds provides a more natural, open, ear-pleasing sound that is generally associated with analogue gear with the flexibility and precision of digital, in-the-box mixing. 



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