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A-Tonal supplies recording services for just about any acoustic instrument there is. As long as it fits through the door, we’ll mic it and give you a quality recording! Whether you’re looking to do a whole band recording, track overdubs for various instruments, vocals or voice-over record, we’re confident we can help. Our live room has been acoustically designed to have a tight, soft, natural and ambient sound. With the help of its solid oak wood floor, interchangeable acoustics, wall absorbers, diffusers and gobos, we can provide extra separation or a drier sound where necessary.

With an array of microphones, including some of the world’s most renowned, exploring and finding the right tone for your voice or instrument should be a breeze. You can find a list of our gear on our equipment list page, which is available as a PDF download as well. If there is a specific piece of equipment you would love to use that we don’t have, let us know and we will do our best to hire it in for your session.



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