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Over the years we have built up a fantastic reputation, not only as an affordable recording studio in London, but a studio that provides a sound rivalling that of one that is more than twice the price.


Not all projects require the same services or amount of time as each other. To cater for this, A-Tonal Recording Studio have Casual Rates and Production Packages, which are set out below. They work as general guidlines for bands, but regardless of your project type, we recommend getting in touch to discuss the specifics to see if you'll need more or less studio time or alternative services.


Production Packages - £300/track

The Production Packages are preset deals that include recording and mixing at a set price for every track and a preset number of days in the studio for recording - usually one extra day for as many tracks being recorded.

To break it down, each production deal will include:

  • X-number of days in the studio as recording time. Up to 10 hours each day.

  • An engineer/producer.

  • An assistant recording engineer if required.

  • Track Mixing - Separate to recording time.

  • One mix recall per track.


A-Tonal offers professional mastering by experienced and dedicated mastering engineers as an affordable optional extra. Once we have your project details we can include this in our quotes.


If necessary, it is possible to book additional time based on the casual rates listed below.


Casual Rates - Including Engineer

Full Day (10 Hours) = £180

Hourly - £30/hour for the first 2 hours. £20/hour thereafter. Minimum booking of 2 hours required.


Online Mixing and Mastering Rates

Please get in touch with your project's details to hear our offers for Online Mixing and Mastering.


If you're looking for an affordable recording studio in London that takes pride in its work, doesn't cut corners and offers a personal experience, then please get in touch here.