Voice-over recording is a production technique where a voice-over artist is used to record speech separately or to background music. Used often in radio, television production, film making, adverts etc. The pre-recorded material can then be placed over the top of a film or video or left stand-alone.


If you're a voice-over artist looking for a voice-over recording studio - we can offer a professional service at a competitive rate. Alternatively, if you're a vocalist and have created your own song on a computer or bought one online that you want to record your own voice and lyrics over professionally, this is also possible with A-Tonal.


Regardless of if it is a vocal or voice-over recording, we can help you through the process of mic selection and recording to make sure you’re happy with how your voice sounds. Our first choice is normally our Neumann U87 running through our Avalon VT737 channel strip, however, it isn't always one microphone suits all, so a shoot out is always the first thing to try. Other options include an AKG c414 XLS, Groove Tubes GT55, Soundfield Mark V or SE Electronics Z3300A.


After we’ve comped the perfect take with you, we’ll edit and do any further necessary processing then and there, ready to take home the same day.



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